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What Is A Continuous Customs Bond?

Customs Bonds (also called Surety Bonds) are required by the U.S. Customs Service (Title 19 USC, part 1623) as a way to ensure that importers assure cost within the occasion that liquidated damages are assessed towards shipments imported into the country. A bond is intended to protect the U.S. authorities in the occasion the importer can’t or is not going to fulfill their obligation to pay monies due. The company also ought to strongly contemplate filing a previous disclosure. This may be achieved utilizing an initial marker, which merely informs CBP that an investigation of potential compliance lapses is ongoing. This locks in voluntary disclosure credit while shopping for time to complete a thorough investigation and to provide a subsequent full report.

CBP is useful resource-challenged. Practitioners earlier than CBP have horror stories of misplaced filings, requests for advisory opinions and protests that take years to resolve, and difficulties in attaining uniform rulings from port to port. Further, the port-by-port administration of CBP could make for excellent variations in the enforcement priorities, classification method, and different points encountered by individual importers. It is anticipated that the brand new Facilities of Excellence program will take care of some of these issues, but it would nonetheless be true that the issues of concern will range by port.

Continuous Transaction Bond-is a self-renewing term Importer Entry Bond, which covers all Customs transactions by way of all ports of the country. The bond amount for a steady bond is determined by taking multiples of $10,000 nearest 10% of duties, taxes and fees paid by an importer during the last calendar yr. The minimal continuous bond amount is $50,000. This customs bond is legitimate till it is terminated by the principal or the surety.

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One other side to look for in a customs dealer is precision and general data of customs procedures. Most of the time, a first-time importer isn’t nicely versed in requirements imposed upon their trade. Consequently, their dealer will need to advise them accordingly. One miscommunication may price an importer cash, and even worse: their product. So we make certain to do all we can to make shoppers conscious of what’s required of them by customs. Precision and quickness can be valuable at Surety1. We perceive that customs bonds have to be executed in a timely manner to satisfy the necessities for entry. We are going to by no means disappoint by way of price or service. If you would like to know more about what our customs specialist can offer you, don’t hesitate to call Surety1! 877-654-2327.

Continuous – Bond quantity is often equal to 10% of the duty and different import taxes paid in the previous year, in multiples of $10,000 if the duties are less than $1,000,000 or multiples of $100,000 if the duties are over $1,000,000. At present, the minimal bond quantity required by U.S. Customs is $50,000. Further, care needs to be taken to insure that the bond is ample to cowl the duty, not the value, on any single shipment of merchandise.